I'm Katherine, a product designer based in New York City. Enjoy browsing my work, and don't hesitate to reach out if you think I would be a great fit for your project.

3x3 Insights

3x3 Insights is an adult beverage analytics platform for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. They can access real-time sales data to better track inventory, depletions, and access critical retail account-level transaction data.

Working closely with the 3x3  leadership team, we created a brand identity and digital product. The custom logo type communicates the three industries while also representing the patterns that are to be identified within the data.


Anthony Foster, Neha Motipara, Sarah Klamans, and John Chang

Final logo


Business cards

A mock of the analytics page

A mock of the analytics page with a collapsed sidebar

3x3 Insightsmust first collect customer data over a 30-day period before the product is able to perform as intended. In order to prevent our users from waiting a full 30 days to log in and interact with the product, we decided to roll out features individually and notify the user via emails. The user can also preview what's coming next, and what it will offer.

Initial view

Preview of features to come

New feature