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Sweet Defeat

Sweet Defeat is a mint that curbs sugar binging by suppressing the receptors on the tongue that can taste sugar.

Our team was presented with the opportunity to optimize the product select page, checkout, account sign up, and user dashboard. The launch of the new web pages has doubled sales.


Neha Motipara, Sarah Klamans, and John Chang

Because Sweet Defeat is a subscription based platform, new users who subscribed had to create an account to manage their subscription preferences. With that, our team decied to have users create their account while they checked out.

Dashboard manage subscription

Mobile view of product page

Mobile view of checkout

While designing, my team recognized the need for a cart and product detail page. These pages were designed and implemented in a second phase.

Unobtrusive gifs keep the product detail page visually interesting.

Unresponsive product page — Before redesign

Unresponsive checkout page — Before redesign